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1,Q:What is the procedures for a making doll?
A: After received customer¡¯s prototype we will start to make sample, during this process we have to making wax mold and copper mold, it must cost 8~10 days, when finished the copper mold, we need to mix the vinyl color, and put vinyl into copper mold about cooking 30 seconds, and pull vinyl kits out. And then the vinyl parts can be finished. Next step is painting, install eyes, mohair, and design doll clothes and body according to baby¡¯s size. Until finished a completed doll we will send this sample by customer¡¯s confirmation. Our attitude is until customer¡¯s satisfactory and start to produce mass products.


2,Q: Is there any certification to export vinyl doll to some Europe country?
I was wondering about the vinyl and which type of vinyl you use.A: At present, our vinyl are environmental protection material, have the certification of Non-toxic and Unleaded


3,Q:What is the MOQ each item? Delivery time? And what price?
A:Our MOQ is 300sets each item, delivery time: after received your order list within 60 days, the price decided by the doll size and quantity.


4,Q:If I offer doll photo to you, could you engrave prototype for me?
A:Of course we can, but the photo should be very clear.


5,Q:Some baby are very detailed on their face, arms and legs, can you do it the same with original sample?
A:95% can do the same.


6,Q:What is your production capacity?


7,Q:If we had one doll and wanted it done in both silicone/vinyl completed dolls and in 100% vinyl for blank kits, could this be done with the same molding process?
A:Yes, we can. No need require an extra copy mold, just we mix the material process is different.


8,Q:Why is it that some dolls will lose their hair?
A:There ¡¯re two reason: 1)Glutinosity of the glue is not good.The temperature changes affect the glutinosity and cause the hair lose. 2)The hairnet is affected with damp or oil when produce the wig . It willl cause the infusibility with glue.But tis situation will be hardly detected in produce.

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